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Date: 09/11/2004
Title: europe
Location: ancona, italy (sea level)
Text: 58 228 kilometres on the road

tunc, bahir, ralph and ferdy spent our last day on deck wondering at what time we'd be off the ship which would arrive in ancona at 18:00. the two germans were determined to go straight back home, in north western germany, driving through the night. tunc and bahir wanted to reach milano the same evening in order to see the race at monza tomorrow.

they all tried to convince me to come with them, at least as far as milan, and promised me to keep to an cruising speed which would be comfortable for me. but if there is one thing i don't like it's driving at night and i believe that they were all slightly amused at the fact that someone who had spent three years on a bike was afraid of driving in the dark.

after we left the ferry in ancona we found a nice pizzeria and had a last diner together, ahhh: the bruschette! the pizzas! and the coffee! we had to admit that the italians are in a special league when it comes to culinary delights.

saying goodbye was strange. in just two days we had become good friends and (probably for the last time on this trip) i felt that meeting people is one of the best things on the road, while saying goodbye is the inevitable and sad consequence.

i was very tired and only planed to take a short walk after i had taken a shower. the little cobble stoned streets, whose course didn't follow any apparent logic, were beautiful and formed a wonderful, romantic labyrinth - and before i knew it i was lost.

these old european towns, which were not constructed for motorized traffic, retain all of their original charm and beauty. they're constantly luring the curious visitor further into the little alleys and onto the terraces with wonderful views of the dark waterfront where the fragrance of flowers brings up feelings of longing and loneliness. this is europe, i thought, and i loved it. on the odyssey back to the hotel i noted all the elegantly dressed people that crowded the streets, bars and the lively sidewalk cafes. i whish i had more time to spend in italy.

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